Sports Injuries

Osteopaths treat much more than neck and back sprains. In fact, they treat a vast range of complex conditions and very commonly injuries that occur playing sport. Regardless of whether the accident happened on a school netball court or you are a pro snowboarder, osteopaths help manage the acute injury stage, as well as handle any long-term discomfort or issues arising from the initial complaint. Because they work holistically (ie. on the entire body), there is a better recovery rate and a chance to identify any patterns or complaints that may have not have been treated previously.

Did you know?

Osteopaths can fill out new ACC forms, meaning you do not need a referral from your doctor, physio or other medical practitioner.


I am currently undergoing treatment with my physiotherapist, can I still receive osteopathic treatment ?

Yes you can! Osteopaths work closely with other health professionals, such as physiotherapists, to assist you back to health as soon as possible.

Each injury is entirely unique, so for the best possible advice please consult with us.